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Y107 Being Used For An Area Phone Scam

If you’ve received a call from us recently, it might not have actually been us calling, especially if we’re claiming to ask you 3 questions in exchange for sending you off on a trip.

We received a call from a concerned listener yesterday after this happened to her. Apparently, someone claiming to be from Y107 told her she had been selected to win a vacation, and all she had to do was correctly answer three questions. She did, and they told her she won, then gave her a website to go to so she could claim her prize. They also gave her a number to call for more information. Unfortunately, this was not us.  The website was not our website. The phone number, while being a Missouri area code, was not ours either. In fact it was a 417 area code, from Southern Missouri. When we tried to call the number, no surprise, it was no longer in service.

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This is also not the first time something like this has happened.  Months ago, someone stopped in to confirm that they won the trip. They gave us the website to go to, which was not ours. On that website, were not able to find anything about a trip and a code. In fact, it was a very non-descript site that was for a streaming station based in Europe somewhere. Definitely not us.

In both cases, I’m not sure what the three questions were. Both victims agreed they didn’t give any personal information as far as they knew. That being said, we’re not sure if and what damage was done. Hopefully none.

Just so you know, we do not call you to play contests. If we do call you to confirm that you’ve won something, it would be something you previously registered for. And if it were ever as big as a trip, you can always verify the info on  

As always, scammers are out there, and it’s super critical to protect yourself, especially when you’re called. For all we know, this could be similar to the “Can You Hear Me?” scam.

Here are a couple of helpful pointers courtesy of Consumerist:

  • Don’t answer the phone if you don’t recognize the number. Beware that “scammers will use a fake number from an area code close to you, to make you more likely to think it’s a local business and pick up.” 
  • Consider using a robocall-screening service.
  • Check your account statements frequently to ensure that you haven’t received any erroneous or unauthorized charges.
  • “Never say YES to telemarketers.”
  • Sign up for a blocking service.

Here’s some more great advice from AARP, and the FTC.

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