More Throwbacks! It’s a Red, White, and BACK Weekend!

It’s a weekend to honor our fallen military and celebrate our freedoms!  We’re doubling up on that, as we also celebrate the awesome songs that raised us, as we launch a Red, White, and Back Weekend!  Back, as in THROWbacks of course.

Starting Friday at 5p, through 11p Monday, the Throwbacks will be rolling all weekend, every couple songs.  It’s like full-on Nostalgia!  And that’s in addition to Throwback 2k with Chris Cruise from 7p-Midnight Sunday!

Additionally, YOU get to pick some of the throwbacks as well, at


How do you get your Throwback played?

Here’s where it gets fun. Anytime after 5p, go to and you’ll see the box on the right side of the page. Just type in the song you want. Pretty easy. We’ve got well over 650 songs to choose from, so search for whatever you can think of from roughly 1995-2012.

You’ll also see what song is in line to be the next throwback played. At any point, you can vote your favorite songs up, and other songs down.

(Full photo and video instructions are below.)

So be thinking what YOU want to hear, and start voting for your favorites! We can’t wait to hear your picks!


How to pick your Throwback in 3 easy steps!

Go to and look for the “Takeover” on the right side!


Type in the song you want by artist or title and click to vote it up!


Vote your song (and others) up or down. The most popular song will play when the next Throwback comes up in the playlist.

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