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Y107’s Thousand Dollar Minute Is Back!

60 seconds on the clock… $1000 on the line… Can you handle the pressure? 

What would you do with $1000? Stop dreaming and start winning!

The Y107 Thousand Dollar minute is back! Each weekday, at 7:50a and 2:50p, we’ll open the phone lines and take caller 7 for the chance at winning $1000.  All you have to do is listen for the trigger to call in, then be caller 7 to 573-441-Y107 (9107)  or 800-500-Y107 (9107).  

We’ll put 60 seconds on the clock, and start firing off the questions. There’ll be 10 in total, and nothing is off limits. Feel free to take as much time as you need on each question. However, once the clock runs out, the game is over.  Be careful, though, because as soon as you answer a question wrong, the game is also done.

How do you increase your odds of winning? Make sure you’re listening each time we play, as the questions won’t change until we get the $1000 winner.  In other words, the more you listen, the better your chances.  You might even get some help from time to time if you’re a Y107 VIP. If you haven’t signed up yet, you might want to ASAP. Click here to do that, as it’s FREE!!!

The fun starts with Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show Thursday, November 9th!  Good Luck!


  1. Hey Dakota. There are SOOOOO many people trying to win the $1000 that it just jams the lines, and they eventually start to fail for most. It’s a shear matter of timing and luck.

  2. Why can’t anyone get through on the numbers?

  3. Hey Max, unfortunately, we can not do that. That’s part of the game. You need to listen to get the questions.

  4. Other than the year being 1909, that would be an acceptable answer.

  5. I was wondering if you could email me the questions and answers for today.

  6. So the question from this afternoon appears to have 2 right answers…Max Factor and L-oreal were both founded in 2009…

  7. We totally understand. There’s a ton of people, just like you, who would love to win that money! Only one can make it through. At least it only calls from Mid-Mo. We can’t even imagine the odds of trying to win a national contest, which thankfully we don’t do.

  8. It would be really nice to actually get through when calling, instead of a “call cannot be completed” message.

  9. Y107 VIPs got an email with the questions earlier today.

  10. Can someone please tell me if there is a little secret to finding the questions and answers if we happened to miss a few seconds of the afternoo (2pm) game? Please help, itsmaking me crazy!!!

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