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Y107 Is Sending Shout Outs To Your Teachers

Imagine one day you wake up, and you’re no longer able to see your kids, for you don’t know how long.  That’s how our teachers have it right now.  Thanks to COVID-19, the school year came to an abrupt pause this year. And with the Governor’s update yesterday, that’s how it’ll be the rest of the year.

Our teachers love your kiddos and miss them incredibly. Their hearts are broken that they won’t see the kids till the fall, at which point they won’t be “theirs”.  The video calls just don’t cut it. So many of the kids don’t or can’t even log on.  Some teachers are even doing neighborhood parades just to see those smiling faces. Others are posting video collectives giving shout outs to the kids.

And just think about the kids who are moving up and on next year. 5th graders. 8th graders. High School Seniors.  Those kids are suddenly removed from their lives.

Y107 Cares and wants to help!

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While we know the kiddos probably won’t admit it, we bet they’re missing the teachers too.  Here’s one small thing you can do to show your teachers how much they are appreciated.

Download the FREE Y107 app for Android or Apple. Just search Y107 where you get your apps.

Once you have it, there’s a function called OPEN MIC in the menu.  Use it to have your child record a quick message to their teacher. Don’t forget to include the school.  When done, it’ll send it directly to us. 

If it’s any easier, you can just record their message on your own and email it to Y107@zrgmail.com

We’ll be combining all shout-outs we receive into Teacher Thank You’s to start running on-air soon.

We can’t wait to share them with Mid-Mo teachers!

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  1. Thank you so so so much for everything you guys have done for us students this year. A big thanks to, Mrs. pitz, Mr. Arthur, and Mrs Goldschmidt! We love you!!

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