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Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show Throw A Valentine’s Wedding

One of the craziest things Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show has ever done was throw a live in-studio wedding on Valentine’s Day. But it’s been a couple of years. So why not do it again? 


Here’s your chance to finally tie the knot in a unique, memorable way. You’ve found love, but you’ve been putting off the wedding due to cost, or the endless elaborate planning, or whatever else the reasons might be. And you definitely can’t afford to elope. But you don’t just want to rush off to the justice of the peace. You want something a little different and unique. So here’s the solution. 

We are marrying one couple LIVE in-studio on Valentine’s Day. It’ll be live on FB too, so invite whoever you want to tune in and be a part of your big day!  Even better, our own Lauren will be your officiant!

Sound like a dream to you?  We’ll select the lucky couple Friday, January 24th, giving you a bit of time to finalize everything else you need before the wedding at 8:40a on Friday, February 14th. (You do need to have your marriage license ready to go for the big day ahead of time.)  And yes, Lauren is certified, so this will be a legit wedding. 


Additionally, the winning couple will be able to select their wedding bands at no charge from Buchroeders Jewelers.

To get registered, submit a picture of the two of you and 107 words or less as to why you are the perfect couple for this. We can’t wait for your excitement and the joys of wedded bliss on Valentine’s Day!

Join us Valentine’s Day for our selected couple’s special day, to be celebrated live on-air in-studio and on FB live!

Registration for contest ends at NOON Wednesday, January 22nd.

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  1. Dawn Renee Wilson

    Thank you all for the great music

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