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Y107 CMN Request-A-Thon

Have you ever wanted us to play a certain song, but we won’t, because, well, it just doesn’t fit what we do?  Throw that rule out the window July 19th, as the Y107 Request-A-Thon with The Crossing is BACK! 

We’ll turn the playlist over to you from 6a-6p to benefit the University of Missouri’s Children’s Hospital, and we’ll pretty much play whatever you want for a minimum $20 donation.  Want to stick with Demi, Taylor, Katy, Bieber, and Miley? Done.  Want to play Metallica or Guns and Roses? Okay.  Maybe you’re feeling like a Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, or Keith Urban song.  We won’t say no. 

So whether it’s Led Zeppelin, Kendrick Lamar, Garth Brooks, or even MARY HAD A LITTLE LAMB… Basically, you make a donation and we’ll play it. 

Donate online, and A-1 Containers will MATCH it! 

Thanks to all of our sponsors like The CrossingA-1 ContainersTiger Express Car WashHuebert Builders and Graf & Sons for helping to make this event possible. 

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  1. Natalie Wheeler

    I donated $20. I tweeted a screen shot to you about an hour ago from.@BTSMagicIn18. Will you please play BTS Airplane Pt. 2 or The Truth Untold? Both are from Love Yourself Tear. Thank You!

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