Y107 Pays Your Bills

NOBODY likes opening the mailbox to find…  BILLS!  Uggghhhh! So just in time for the holiday, we’re going to pay them for you*. Well, at least one of them!

Here’s how you do it:

  • Fill out the form below and submit a bill to us.
  • Starting Thursday, Nov. 3rd, listen for your name to be called at 8:45a and 3:45p.
  • When you hear your name, call 441-Y107 (9107) or 800-500-Y107 (9107) within 10 min and 07 seconds.
  • If you call back in time, we’ll pay off the bill you submitted!

SO EASY, but you gotta listen!

Congrats to…

Trevor G. is Centertown

Brihanna C. in Sedalia

Derrick W. in Sedalia

Carmen G. in Mexico

Jessica B. in Wardsville

Crystal C. in Columbia

Stacy D. In Holts Summit

Taylor V in Columbia

Stacy C in Jefferson City

Stacy D in Jefferson City

Ramona B in Columbia

Chanel S in Moberly

Toni C in Columbia

Laura F in Wardsville



  • Please enter your email to be eligible to WIN!
  • Like Y107 on Facebook!

  • Please enter your information to be eligible to WIN!!
  • Max. file size: 512 MB.
    Must be the current month's bill, and have your name and address clearly displayed.

*Winners will be given a check for the amount of the bill you send us, to cover the next month’s payment. Only one bill can be submitted per name. Bill must be in your name with your address clearly listed on the bill. This info will be verified by your ID when the check is claimed at our studios. Must be the most recent bill. If your name is called, but you don’t call back before time expires, your name/bill will go back into the drawing, and no money will be awarded that round.



  1. You can, however, we don’t mail out prizes. So if you’re ok with coming to our studios in Columbia to pick up your check…

  2. Can someone out of state enter as well?

  3. Laquail, it was not you.

  4. I missed the name please tell me it wasn’t me

  5. You have to listen for your name, and you have 10 minutes and 7 seconds to call back in!

  6. Do you guys call first? Or do we just listen for our name then call? Asking cuz I’m in class or work at those times. Also was curious how long this will last?

  7. Taylor V in Columbia.

  8. We did have the winner at 3:45, who called in fairly quickly. From that point, we block out the phones for a bit, which is why you were getting the busy signal. Best of luck as the promotion continues.

  9. Absolutely not. They stay in the stack. And if you get called, and are unable to call back, the bill will return to the stack. In other words, once submitted, the only time they come out of the stack is if you win, or once the promotion ends.

  10. Do we have to resubmit our bills each day if they’re not chosen?

  11. I didn’t hear the name but tried calling for 15 straight minutes just to be sure it wasn’t my name or my husband’s name, but all I keep getting is a busy signal… is there any other way to contact y’all?

  12. Who was the 11/10 3:45pm winner?

  13. Unfortunately no. However, the names are thrown back into the stack. So just because the person missed their names doesn’t mean they are out.

  14. Are you able to list all the names that were called that did not call back in?

  15. The name was Derrick in Sedalia, and he did call us back. A sigh of relief that you didn’t miss out our your name. Thanks for playing. Good luck!

  16. Darn it I missed this morning at 8:45AM, can you possibly tell me who the lucky person was? Thank you!

  17. Thank you so much Carson that’s a big relief…. It would be so nice to not have to worry about my car payment one time because of Christmas coming up

  18. Angel, if they do not call back, the bill goes back in the stack. To clear your mind, we have not called your name. Best of luck.

  19. I hope they call my name and pay my rent

  20. Question? If you draw a name to pay their bill and they don’t call you do you put it back in for a drawing or do you automatically get rid of it… And how do I find out if you already called my name because I don’t want to submit another bill again cuz I think that’s wrong I’m just curious I’ve just been so busy with work cuz I work for Vaughan pools and spas… Fixing leaks

  21. It was Brihanna in Sedalia. There is a new name called each weekday at 8:45a and 3:45p.

  22. I resubmitted because my car insurance app won’t display my name and address along with the amount just in case that disqualifies it. Sent in my electric bill instead.

  23. So who was the 3:45 winner ? Or is there just one winner ?

  24. All good. We’ve see what you did and understand. No worries. Thanks for reaching out and Good Luck!

  25. Congrats again Trevor and Happy Bday!

  26. Thank you so much Y107!!

  27. Kimberly J Wilcox

    Hi sorry I submitted 2 i misread the instructions and but the wrong bill amount. So that’s why I resubmitted.

  28. Tammy, we start paying bills tomorrow, not today.

  29. Listening since 830 for name draw at 845. It is now 928 and still no name announcement and hook up or hangup played. Tried calling for name, but line has been busy since 847. Where do I find out when name was called and what name was called since it wasn’t announced in the 45 minutes I’ve been listening.. thinking I missed it somehow

  30. I think my address got cut off in the picture of my bill so not sure what to do I can’t go back and look

  31. Just wanted to say to Misty Casdorph who tried to reach out on FB to me for the 2:20 name. Which I missed her message unfortunately by 45 mins …On my birthday at that, But she is differently a awesome person for trying… Which I also did not know her…

  32. We random draw from all bills submitted. We only accept one bill per person.

  33. How do you choose what bill you are going to pay?

  34. You’ll be fine. Thanks for letting us know.

  35. I had a question, I submitted my bill, I just moved and my bill has my old address. Will that effect being drawn out to win.

  36. Screenshot will be fine, but we need all the info listed for verification.

  37. Can the bill be an online bill? Most of my bills are paperless…

  38. Is pay your bills only on the weekdays??

  39. Well, you get 10min and 7 sec to call back. If you miss the window, your name/bill goes back in the pot. Best recommendation if you can’t listen is to get with your friends and family and make sure they’re listening too. That way if they hear your name, they can notify you, and you can call in. 🙂

  40. Have a question what if were not able to listen to the radio at 7:20 in the morning that’s if my name gets called

  41. This is a huge stress relief! Good luck to all that sign up!

  42. I think it’s an awesome thing you are doing. Love listening in mornings.

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