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Y107 Pays Your Bills

NOBODY likes when they open the mailbox to find…  BILLS!  Uggghhhh! So just in time for the holiday, we’re going to pay them for you*. Well, at least one of them!

Here’s how you do it!

  • Fill out the form below and submit a bill to us.
  • Starting Monday, Oct. 28 listen for your name to be called at 7:20a and 2:20p. 
  • When you hear your name, call 441-Y107 (9107) or 800-500-Y107 (9107) with 10 min and 07 seconds.
  • If you call back in time, we’ll pay off the bill you submitted!

SO EASY, but you gotta listen!

The contest has ended. Keep watching for your next big opportunity to win!

*Winners will be given a check for the amount of the bill you send us, to cover the next month’s payment. Only one bill can be submitted per name. Bill must be in your name with your address clearly listed on the bill. This info will be verified by your ID when the check is claimed at our studios. Must be the most recent bill. If your name is called, but you don’t call back before time expires, your name will go back into the drawing and no money will be awarded that round.


  1. Best of luck Barbara.

  2. Thanks for the kind words. We do what we can!

  3. What a great way to give to the communities before the holidays! Love all your charity work! ❤️

  4. I don’t know if asking is even feasible but this is the bill that’s gonna short us this season! Raising two grandkids on one paycheck and he plans to work forever Lol! Happy Holidays to all you at the station!

  5. Good luck!

  6. I am not better than anyone else nor am I any better deserving than anyone else, I read these post and comments and my heart gets heavy and full and i pray for the other people to get called really more so than myself, for anyone who reads this post you are not alone and we all will pray for you, but I’m going to go a head and put myself out there as well in Hope’s to be picked, I submitted a bill for nearly 500, and would like half of my bill 250 to be given to a random person that needs it as well if thats ok, anything helps, thank you

  7. Great contest.

  8. Gina, you are so very welcome! Congrats again!

  9. Thank you!!! I won today and thanks to a friend I was able to call in!!! They are taking care of my electric bill!!! Truly blessed!!! You guys are incredible

  10. So sorry to hear that Tina. Best of luck!

  11. Yes, you can submit. While it’s not likely we would pay it all off, there is a chance we could pay some of it. Best of luck!

  12. Do medical bills count, my 32 year old husband has brain cancer. We have two young children who i havent finished paying for having them. This would help so much.

  13. Can you tell me who’s name was said 10/31 at 2:20? I was at work in a place where I couldn’t listen & just want to make sure I didn’t miss my name being called.

  14. OMG, this would be so awesome, and help tremendously, as my mother past away on Sept 18, and I was off work a month, while she was in the ICU on life support, and then her passing and making funeral arrangements. So, I fell behind on my bills, especially my car payment. This would be such a blessing to me. I listen to you guys every morning on my commute to work which is an hour, and my way home, not to mention my lunch hour! You guys are so amazing with all you do to help out your community!

  15. Rent is $635 need to catch up. Just moved from 405. Brewer Dr to 2621 Quail Dr in Columbia. Light bill and rent need help.i get disability it’s only $771 we barely can make it I need help I have my grandbaby with me she’s only one Orangetheory Fitness mid to get my lights transferred into my name or catch the rent up

  16. We don’t have a set limit. Random draw, but will only cover a one month payment. Best wishes to you!

  17. How much is the maximum amount of the bill? I submitted one for $424 but now I am wondering if that is too much. Please advise.

  18. Any bill is fair game. We’ll take care of the month’s payment.

  19. Love your station and would love to win Pay My Bill!!

  20. Does it have to be a utility bill? Is there a dollar amount limit?

  21. Can’t make any promises on things like that Claire, but good luck!

  22. Good luck Lindsey!

  23. If you could call my name in the morning, that would be a blessing. I listen to you on my way to work, but can’t always listen in the afternoon with my job, but I’m gonna try my best. Thank You for this amazing opportunity to save some money!

  24. I entered for my family!! Fingers crossed!! Stay blessed!

  25. You guys are amazing! Please call my name in the morning!! I can’t listen in the afternoon

  26. Done and fingers crossed! You all are the greatest! Been listening since I was a little girl!

  27. Good luck Denise! Thank you.

  28. Best of luck to you Danielle!

  29. Very welcome Tim! Good luck!

  30. Thanks Sasha!

  31. You guys are awesome! I love hookup or hang up!

  32. Entry Submitted. Thanks for being a great Radio Station

  33. I hope I win because I am just a sever at Denny’s and hours are getting shorter as it gets colder. I’m also a new mom of my 6month old and could really use the help.

  34. Would be an awesome Birthday present!
    Y107 ROCKS!

  35. I assumed rent/mortgage wasn’t an option, but you guys should totally do that sometime. And if so, I don’t wanna know bc I might cry.

  36. Good luck Ruby.

  37. You’re welcome!

  38. Good luck!

  39. This is really needed for me I have a set income and no Christmas money for my grandchildren Landon and logan . The holiday season is particularly hard this year. This relief would be a blessing to us .

  40. thanks this opportunity and for great music

  41. This is so AWESOME! Being an at home mother of 3 and the boyfriend not working much this would help out a lot. My power was already shut off once and now they want me to pay a deposit for turning it back on… Ugh! Just know this would help tremendously! Good luck to everyone that submitted!

  42. love you guys – this is awesome!!
    entry submitted lol**

    when does this start though!?

  43. Lolita Lucas-Howard

    Y107 is awesome!!

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