Y107 Pays Your Bills

NOBODY likes opening the mailbox to find…  BILLS!  Uggghhhh! So just in time for the holiday, we’re going to pay them for you*. Well, at least one of them!

Here’s how you do it:

  • Fill out the form below and submit a bill to us.
  • Starting Thursday, Oct. 7th, listen for your name to be called at 7:20a and 2:20p.
  • When you hear your name, call 441-Y107 (9107) or 800-500-Y107 (9107) within 10 min and 07 seconds.
  • If you call back in time, we’ll pay off the bill you submitted!

SO EASY, but you gotta listen!


*Winners will be given a check for the amount of the bill you send us, to cover the next month’s payment. Only one bill can be submitted per name. Bill must be in your name with your address clearly listed on the bill. This info will be verified by your ID when the check is claimed at our studios. Must be the most recent bill. If your name is called, but you don’t call back before time expires, your name/bill will go back into the drawing, and no money will be awarded that round.


  1. Hey Jennifer, it’s called 213 Complex. Hope that helps!

  2. Hey! Could someone tell me the name of the weight loss stuff that Lauren advertises from Supplement Superstores? I hear it all the time on the radio and now that I want to look into it I don’t hear about it!

  3. Just wanted to say to Misty Casdorph who tried to reach out on FB to me for the 2:20 name. Which I missed her message unfortunately by 45 mins …On my birthday at that, But she is differently a awesome person for trying… Which I also did not know her…

  4. I missed this afternoons name, have only missed twice, please tell me it wasn’t me thats name was called.

  5. We random draw from all bills submitted. We only accept one bill per person.

  6. How do you choose what bill you are going to pay?

  7. Emily. She called back. 🙂

  8. The radio cut out on my computer. What was the name?

  9. You’ll be fine. Thanks for letting us know.

  10. I had a question, I submitted my bill, I just moved and my bill has my old address. Will that effect being drawn out to win.

  11. My coworkers and I were both sitting here listening and they both said they didn’t even hear a name. I thought I heard a name that started with a K, really not sure. Maybe slow down or repeating the name might help get people to call back or let the people they know, know to call in. Just a thought!

  12. Best of luck Madison!

  13. This morning was Leanna.

  14. Morning! I love listening to you guys every day on my ride to work. I missed who the big winner was this morning though. Dropped my name in the pot yesterday for the first time in all of the years you’ve done this. *fingers crossed* Stay safe and healthy y’all! 🙂

  15. What name was called

  16. It was not you Linda. 🙂

  17. Screenshot will be fine, but we need all the info listed for verification.

  18. Can the bill be an online bill? Most of my bills are paperless…

  19. I missed yesterday’s name, hoping it wasn’t mine

  20. I am assuming it’s standard monthly bills and not help towards funds for a remodel/demolition?

  21. It was an Alyssa. Best of luck on future bill pays.

  22. Who’s bill was called yesterday afternoon? I missed it!

  23. Relax

  24. Is pay your bills only on the weekdays??

  25. Hey Jackie. No, it was not you. We see your entry though. Good luck!

  26. Who’s bill was paid this morning? I missed it…I pray it wasn’t me and I missed out!

  27. Well, you get 10min and 7 sec to call back. If you miss the window, your name/bill goes back in the pot. Best recommendation if you can’t listen is to get with your friends and family and make sure they’re listening too. That way if they hear your name, they can notify you, and you can call in. 🙂

  28. Have a question what if were not able to listen to the radio at 7:20 in the morning that’s if my name gets called

  29. This is a huge stress relief! Good luck to all that sign up!

  30. I think it’s an awesome thing you are doing. Love listening in mornings.

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