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Tuesday, April 30
Q: According to Elle magazine, the average woman has ____ items in her purse?
A:  a.) 20    b.) 30    c.) 40 d.) 50

Monday, April 29
Q: 60% of women say they will kiss a man on a first date if he talks about this during the date.
A: His mother

Friday, April 26
Q: In Australia, Burger Kings are called what?
A: Hungry Jack’s

Thursday, April 25
Q: There are 50 of these in the average workplace
A: Coffee Mugs

Wednesday, April 24
Q: How many miles per hour does a sneeze come out of your nose?
A: 100 mph

Tuesday, April 23
Q. 45% of managers don’t mind if their employees do THIS as long as they get their work done, what is it?
A. Be late for work

Monday, April 22
Q: According to a new survey, 78% of women say men over the age of 35 should never wear this piece of jewelry.
A: A class ring

Friday, April 19
Q: This is the #1 reason women change their hairstyle.
A: Celebrity influence (wanting to look like a certain celebrity)

Thursday, April 18
Q: About 1/3 of us have gone to work wearing this, might be embarrassing. What is it?
A: A price tag or size sticker.

A: Wednesday, April 17
Q: What was the name of the first operational space shuttle?
A: The Columbia.

Tuesday, April 16
Q: How long would you have to continually chew gum to burn off one pound of fat?
A: Two weeks.

Monday, April 15
Q: 25% of men and twice as many women do this to relax at work. What is it?
A: Take their shoes off.

Friday, April 12
Q: On average, 18% of us will make a phone call today for this specific reason.
A: To find a cell phone.

Thursday. April 11
Q: 73% of single women say they are turned off by a guy who has these in his home.
A: Dirty dishes.

Wednesday, April 10
Q: 3% of Americans do this with their pet.
A: Take a shower with them to get the pet clean.

Tuesday, April 9
Q: 34% of women admit to doing this at work even though they’re not supposed to.
A: Use the men’s restroom.

Monday, April 8
Q: Back in the 1950s, 90% of women used these. Today only about 10% use them.
A: Aprons.

Friday, April 5
Q: 56% of women say a guy is more attractive if he is doing this in his facebook picture. What is it?
A: Holding a musical instrument.

Thursday, April 4
Q: What state was the first drive-in movie theater located in?
A: New Jersey.

Wednesday, April 3
Q: 62% of Americans have an old broken one of these in their home.
A: Cell phone.

Tuesday, April 2
Q: What does the ZIP in zip code stand for?
A: Zoning Improvement Plan

Monday, April 1
Q: On April Fools Day of 2009, travel site Expedia offered exclusive flights to this highly desired space destination.
A: a. The International Space Station   b. The Moon c. Mars

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