Gillian Flinn Dark Places
Gillian Flinn Dark Places


I can’t wait to get lost in this amazing book with you!

When I was in the fourth grade, I tried to start my own book club. Wanna guess who wanted to join? Nobody. Literally. NOBODY! I was disappointed but I figured they just hadn’t realized how cool reading was yet. When Little Dixie Regional Library mentioned that this may be a possibility I FREAKED OUT! I said absolutely.

I talked to some of the librarians to help me pick out the -Perfect- book to start us off. They asked what kinds of books I like and who some of my favorite authors are. I absolutely love Harry Potter, classic lit, and Stephen King. Since we’re still in Spooky Season and I for one am not ready to give it up yet, we decided to go for something kind of dark…

It was a very pleasant surprise when they brought me their selection: Dark Places by Gillian Flinn. I have had her on my “must read” list for a while but just hadn’t gotten around to it yet.


This book is about a woman whose family was murdered by a satanic cult, she testifies in the trial. Years later, she decides to turn a profit off of her tragedy by talking with a truecrime group and she finds herself on the run from a killer…

Here’s How to Join

It’s super easy to get in on this book club! Go to Little Dixie Regional Library or any local library, sign up for your library card, and check out the book. Even easier, there’s an app called Hoopla that you can use to check this out as an Ebook!

I am SO ready to get started on this one and then to have our first official book discussion in Late November! I hope you’ll join me for this and if you have any recommendations for our next book, comment it here!


Here’s a video with even more details!

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  1. I can’t wait!!!!! What a great idea

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