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Y107’s A To Z Game Is Back With Another Chance at Over $1000

One of last year’s favorite and easiest contests is back! It’s the return of the A to Z game, where winning is as easy as knowing your ABC’s.  And we’re not just talking small prizes.  We’re talking about things you really want, like Thomas Rhett tickets, Amazon Fire HD8 tablets, Fitbit Altas, designer purses, Beats Headphones, certificates to Lake Escape, CASH, and much more! All in all, it’s over $3k in cash and prizes.

One person will even win $1,069!!!

Here’s how to play:

  • Each morning, join Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show at 7:50a Monday through Friday to find out what the song of the day will be.
  • Listen for the song of the day to play back before 5p.
  • When you hear it, be caller 7 at 800-500-Y107 or 573-441-Y107.
  • Caller 7 then gets to pick a letter of the alphabet.
  • The DJ will open the corresponding letter’s alphabet, and you will win what’s listed in the envelope.

Pretty easy right?

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Here’s the catch… You NEED to pay attention to what letters have already been picked. Once a letter is picked, it’s out of play. And if you pick a previously guessed letter, you don’t get another guess.  So choose wisely! And don’t expect to find out the song just by calling the DJ any time of the day. They CAN’T tell you. They’ve been threatened with being fired if they do!!!  (Although, we DO recommend you follow us on social media. wink, wink)

Of course, we won’t leave you high and dry. We’re not that mean.  Check back here daily as all the letters are listed below, showing you which ones have already been picked, and what was in them.

Want to better your chances? Become a Y107 VIP to get a list of all the songs e-mailed to you, as well as the approximate time the song will be played each day. Let’s just call that your insider perk. If you’re not signed up yet, click here.

Best of luck, and happy winning from your #1 Hit Music Station, Y107.

  • A – Amanda wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Trops! (9/29)
  • B – Josh in Columbia wins Beats headphones! (10/10)
  • C – Amanda in Columbia won $107!! (9/27)
  • D – Sara wins Thomas Rhett tickets! (10/2)
  • E – Julie from Henley won a Lake Escape outing! (10/25)
  • F – Frank in Columbia won $107!!! (9/20)
  • G – Kelly in Marshall wins the Kate Spade bag!! (10/18)
  • H – Hunter of Jeff City won $107!!! (10/13)
  • I – Julie of Jefferson City won $107! (10/23)
  • J – Tina wins tickets to see Timeflies at the Blue Note Nov. 2nd (9/21)
  • K – Tyler wins an Amazon Echo dot (10/12)
  • L – Lexus scored a Y107 T-Shirt (9/25)
  • M – Megan won 4 passes to Lake Escape! (10/9)
  • N – Kylie from Columbia wins a $25 Gift Certificate to Trops! (10/4)
  • O –  Cindy from CoMo won a FitBit Ulta (10/20)
  • P – Courtney wins an Amazon Fire HD8 tablet! (10/17)
  • Q – Paige wins a Y107 tshirt and ticket to see Timeflies at the Blue Note Nov. 2nd (9/22)
  • R – Carrie wins a 4pack of movie passes. (10/5) 
  • S – Natalie from Marshall wins $107!!! (9/26)
  • T – Jennifer in Columbia wins movie passes (9/28)
  • U – Amanda in Columbia wins an Amazon Fire HD8 tablet! (10/19)
  • V – Karen in Jefferson City wins a pair of Six Flags passes (10/16)
  • W – Kelli from Sturgeon won a Fitbit Alta! (10/6)
  • X –  Debbie of Columbia won $1,069!!!!! (10/24)
  • Y – Jenny of Fulton scored a new Y107 T-shirt (10/3)
  • Z – Amy in Columbia won 4 movie passes! (10/11)


  1. E-mail hints go out every other day. There’ll be a new one coming tomorrow. However, a “Wheel of Sheeran” update will be arriving shortly.

  2. I signed up for the VP yesterday, but haven’t gotten the hint emails yet

  3. All this time I wanted to pick X if I got through and it still has yet to be chosen, I’m predicting now in the last two letters that X has the thousand, so if I don’t get though whoever does pick X!

  4. Yup. Hundreds upon hundreds calling in, especially now that we’re getting closer to the $1069!! Just keep trying. We have multiple lines, but they get jammed, fast. And when they do, that’s what happens. Best of luck tomorrow as it’s a 50/50 shot now.

  5. Ive called several days in a row and the 1800 number rings then gives a beep like its disconnected or a fax number

  6. It depends on the prize. If there is an age requirement, it’ll be disclosed.

  7. I have a question…is there an age limit to who can call to try and win?

  8. Hey Laura, sorry to hear that. If you were to ever be in this situation again, definitely let us know ASAP so we can resolve any issues. Thanks for listening!

  9. Congrats Kelly!

  10. I love your contests, but the last two times I won something I’ve had issues. The first time I won classes at Sylvan learning center and they never had a class so I was never able to use it. The 2nd time I won a restaurant gift certificate and Cosmo said they would send it to your sister station st the lake, but when I called to see about picking it up the sister station knew nothing about It, said they would call y107 then call me back, but never did.

  11. Wish “G” had stood for grand! But still very excited to pick up my Kate Spade bag!!! Thanks so much!!!

  12. Jessie, it’s truly a needle in a haystack. We clear the phone lines completely before the song starts to even the odds, so calling early won’t help. It’s a real shot in the dark/get lucky situation. Best of luck to you tomorrow. 5 letters left!

  13. I’ve have been playing since early in the game and I honestly don’t know how to play this I guess… maybe call way before or something because calling right when the song starts has no other results but busy busy busy…in twenty days never has it once rang through….a little discouraged…I know a lot people call but geeeezzzz I wanna play tooooo! Grrrr…. ah oh well I still love you guys! 🙂

  14. Hey Tiffany. It looks like you just signed up today. At least that’s the only record we have. First e-mail will arrive tomorrow morning. Good luck!

  15. I’m signed up already but haven’t gotten an emails with the song details. What’s the song today?

  16. On the right side of the page click “Join the YVIP”.

  17. How do I sign up for emails?

  18. Hey Ally. You’re doing it right. The problem is the mass amount of calls flooding the phone lines. Literally, hundreds are calling all at once. We have multiple lines, but they’ll get blocked up, which is where the busy signal will hit, then fail. Just keep trying. Good luck!

  19. I’m wondering if I’m doing something wrong. As soon as the song starts I call the local number (573-441-9107) but every time I get a busy signal and eventually the call ends. What am I doing wrong?? Thanks!

  20. We lock out the phone lines close to the start of the song to give everyone a fair shot. We open them up as soon as the song starts. On the e-mails, every time is listed as “about (x-time)”, as the time doesn’t matter as much as the exact song. Great question.

  21. Do you guys start taking the callers once the actual song starts, or do you start at the time you list on the emails? I don’t try calling until the song starts but wonder if I’m doing it wrong. Thanks!

  22. Hey Brittany, we’ve looked into this. I’m sending you a direct e-mail now.

  23. Glad we could get this figured out for ya Stevie!

  24. Carson,
    I just checked & I did receive emails now. Hope you have an amazing weekend. #y107KicksButt
    Thanks So Much!

  25. Thank you so much Carson for looking into my issues with email account, you’re very helpful & I appreciate you re-emailing news letter. I haven’t got it yet but our tower is down here in Belle tho too. So I’m thinking that may have a lot to do with not getting it yet.
    Thanks Again.

  26. I haven’t got a newsletter from you guys for anything!! I don’t even get the y107 VIP for the A to Z game either!!

  27. Hey Stevie, we’ve looked into the send history for your account. You might want to double check your spam. It shows all newsletters have been sent. Starting last Wednesday, the A to Z Insider tips have not been opened. However, the Rock Paper Scissors and Girls Night Out newsletters have, which were sent out last Thursday. I’ll resend yesterday’s A to Z tips in a moment.

  28. I haven’t got the VIP emails for sometime now I did get the first two but that was it I just thought you guys making it harder to win. Is there anyway you can send email to me?

  29. Hey Brittany, just looked into this. We do see you recreated your account this morning. There’ll be a new newsletter coming out tomorrow morning, and then you should be good from there on out. Let us know if you don’t receive it tomorrow.

  30. That’s odd. Let me take a look.

  31. I have signed up a long time ago and never have received an email. Tried to resign up and it said i couldnt??

  32. Unfortunately, you can only win once every 30 days.

  33. If you win, can you try again?

  34. Looking into it right now. Hold on a sec.

  35. I signed up for VIP emails and I have never received anything. I tried to sign up again but it said email address already in use ..

  36. Anyone know time of song today?

  37. When is song today? Anyone know?

  38. We totally get the frustration. The song hardly ever starts exactly at the time on the newsletter. All times are approximate. There’s a ton of people trying to get in too. We know it’s frustrating. Best of luck to you. Still 11 letters left.

  39. I’ve called every day on time and I NEVER even get thru Not once! All I ever get is a busy signal! I wait and I wait with my phone in my hand and the number in it and call the second I hear the song.

  40. Just search Y107 on Snapchat.

  41. What is their snap chat

  42. We sent out the e-mail yesterday with the approximate times for today, tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday. Cosmo tells you the song each morning at 7:20a, and we’ve posted hints across FB, Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram today. Next VIP times list will go out early next week. We’re just getting started, so definitely plenty more chances to win!

  43. I thought you guys were going to be emailing the VIP folks the song of the day? I didn’t get it, what’s up?

  44. You guys and gals ROCK !!!

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