Y107’s A To Z Game Is Back!

One of your favorite and easiest contests is back! It’s the return of the A to Z game, where winning is as easy as knowing your ABC’s. And it’s the things you really want, like Amazon Echo Dots, free subscription service for a year, a Fitbit Versa, RING video doorbell, Y107 t-shirts, free stuff from some of our favorite local partners like Level-Up, Crumbl Cookies, Blu Taco, SkyZone, and Hy-Vee, as well as CASH! All in all, it’s over $1.5k in cash and prizes!

Here’s how to play:

  • Each morning, join Cosmo and Lauren  at 7:00a Monday through Friday to find out what the song of the day will be.
  • Listen for the song of the day to play back between 8 – 5p.
  • When you hear it, be caller 7 at 800-500-Y107 or 573-441-Y107.
  • Caller 7 then gets to pick a letter of the alphabet.
  • The DJ will open the corresponding letter’s alphabet, and you will win what’s listed in the envelope.

Pretty easy right?

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Here’s the catch… You NEED to pay attention to what letters have already been picked. Once a letter is picked, it’s out of play. And if you pick a previously guessed letter, you don’t get another guess.  So choose wisely! And don’t expect to find out the song just by calling the DJ any time of the day. They CAN’T tell you.  (Although, we DO recommend you follow us on social media. wink, wink)

Of course, we won’t leave you high and dry. We’re not that mean.  Check back here daily as all the letters are listed below, showing you which ones have already been picked, and what was in them.

Want to better your chances? Become a Y107 VIP to get a list of all the songs e-mailed to you, as well as the approximate time the song will be played each day. Let’s just call that your insider perk. If you’re not signed up yet, click here.

Best of luck, and happy winning from your #1 Hit Music Station, Y107.

  • A -Jessica, Enjoy your Hy-Vee gift card!
  • B – Congrats to Lindsay of Sedalia who won a Y107 T Shirt and a Dollar Bill Swap $1!!
  • C – Awesome job, Mike of Columbia who scored an Echo Dot!
  • D – Emily from Mexico is getting her Kindle Unlimited subscription paid for for a whole YEAR!
  • E – Briahnna is Sedalia makin it rain winning $107!!
  • F – Emily in CoMo getting those FREE Groceries – $25 to HyVee!!
  • G – Sweet (literally!)  Drenda from Jeff City won 2 Crumbl Cookies!
  • H – Richard from Osage Beach Level Up play card!
  • I – Shari from Moberly, MO she won the  Fit Bit Versa!!!!
  • J – A Level Up Playcard for Kambrie from Centralia!
  • K – Way to go Kelly in Columbia winning $107!!!
  • L – Congrats to Katie in Columbia winning $20 to BluTaco!
  • M – Props to Kaleigh in Columbia winning a Y107 T Shirt and a Dollar Bill Swap $1!!
  • N – Shout out to Sherry from Hinley won a RING DOORBELL!
  • O – Leslie in Jefferson City grabbed a new Y107 Tshirt, Crumbl cookie, and a Dollar Bill Swap $1!!
  • P – Lucky Peggy at the Lake. She wins an  Echo Show 8!
  • Q – Sweeeet!!! Rachel from CoMo won 2 Crumbl Cookies!
  • R – Woo Woo! Dustin from Columbia snagged $30 to Blu Taco!
  • S – Congrats Sara in Osage Beach winning an Echo Dot!
  • T – Teagun in Richland has some happy kiddos! She won $50 in Level Up play cards!
  • U – Lorenzo from CoMo  scored a Y107 t-shirt & a Y107 Dollar Bill Swap $1 bill!!!
  • V – Samantha from Columbia nabbed this LAST envelope for $500 she’s going to use toward Christmas presents!
  • W – Heck Yeah, Danielle from Columbia! She got 2 Crumbl Cookies!
  • X – Renee in Kingdom City was “jumping” for joy to win $15 to SkyZone!
  • Y – Yeah! Congrats to Heather in Jeff City won $20 to BluTaco
  • Z -Woohoo! Joni in California is $107 richer!!


  1. A was picked yesterday!!!

  2. We made an error. Yesterday they DID pick “W”! Thanks for Makenzi!

  3. Did yesterdays winner pick W not X?

  4. Hey Teresa. Clues do not go out in emails every day. But you’ve been doing the right thing of checking every email you get from us. Best of luck!

  5. I’ve only received two emails with clues and that’s it so if I’m supposed to get them every other day or so I haven’t lol

  6. Hey Misti! We just sent you an email.

  7. Unfortunately, we don’t use Ztext for the A to Z game. The text alert they are talking about is when you type in the song on the right side of the page at Y107.com, and click on the bell.

  8. I have tried to update my ztext to so I get the alert for the song of the day but I can’t seem to find the spot to update it at. Where should I be looking?

  9. I signed up for text messages for A-Z contest and so far I haven’t got any texts.
    Also, I am VIP member and only getting a couple emails regarding A-Z contest.
    Any suggestions

  10. Hey Dustin. Email’s are not sent out every day. But there will be clues on each email. (They should arrive roughly every other day.)

  11. I stopped getting the vip emails. Only got the first one then no more after that.

  12. If we’re already a YVIP, how do we sign up for text alerts for the A-z contest?

    Thank you!

  13. Once every 30 days, no matter the contest.

  14. Can you win twice in one month if they are for 2 different contests?

  15. On the right side of the page click “Join the YVIP”.

  16. How do I sign up for emails?

  17. We lock out the phone lines close to the start of the song to give everyone a fair shot. We open them up as soon as the song starts. On the e-mails, every time is listed as “about (x-time)”, as the time doesn’t matter as much as the exact song. Great question.

  18. Do you guys start taking the callers once the actual song starts, or do you start at the time you list on the emails? I don’t try calling until the song starts but wonder if I’m doing it wrong. Thanks!

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