Y107’s 80’s vs 90’s vs 00s At The Blue Note

Get ready for another dance party at The Blue Note in Columbia this Saturday!

80s VS 90s has been the undisputed king of retro dance parties in Columbia since it’s inception in 2014. The 80s and 90s have battled it out in over a dozen rounds to determine which is the superior dancing decade.

All the while, the 00s (ie. the “Noughties”) have been lurking around every corner, begging us for their chance to shine on the Blue Note stage…and we just can’t take the pressure any longer.

Will the 00s dethrone the 80s or the 90s and change the course of retro dance parties for years to come?? BE THERE to let your true colors shine on the dance floor on March 12th as DJs Requiem & Jen Ha take you on a music video journey of THREE dancing decades.

Only YOU can decide who wins. Decade vote at midnight. Dress your favorite decade.

Keep listening to Y107 for your chance to win tickets!

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