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Woman cheats death on thrill ride
Jacob Lund

Woman Slips Through Harness Of Thrill Ride

We are all thrill seekers whether we want to admit it or not. Theme parks are a fun way to achieve that rush of adrenaline. There is one thing that always lingers in the back of everyone’s mind though. The fear of what if that ride doesn’t hold up like it’s supposed to. This happened to a woman in Paris who just escaped death.  

Video from the incident shows the exact moment the woman’s harness came undone, at which point dozens of onlookers began screaming in terror. The ride’s operators could only watch as the woman flew by, holding on just by her feet. Check it out below!

This is the most unlucky yet lucky woman in the world! Hopefully, this doesn’t scare you out of that next family vacation. 

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