Win Wiz Khalifa Tickets with Kristin

Wiz Khalifa has had a ton of great songs, but we hear “Black and Yellow” a lot around these parts… for obvious reasons!



From singing along in Columbia, to singing along in person in St. Louis, YOU could see Wiz Khalifa at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre on September 2nd on us!

Kristin has your tickets at 4:45 during the Traffic Jamz when you play the WRONG Black and Yellow Game.

Basically, she’s going to give you a few things that are either black in color or yellow in color, but you have to give the WRONG color. To put more pressure on it, you have three seconds per answer, and you have three you have to name!

FOR example:

Canary (your answer would be black, since canaries are yellow)

New pavement (your answer would be yellow, since the actual answer  is black)

Get the game? It’s harder than you think!

Play and win all next week with Kristin at 4:45!


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