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Taylor Swift contest

Win Taylor Swift Tickets from Y107

The countdown is on! 

Taylor Swift tickets will be on sale before you know it.


Y107 has your chance to win tickets to Taylor’s show at Arrowhead Stadium September 8th before they go on sale.  Starting Monday, listen for a specific Taylor Swift song to play each day between 8a-5p.  When you hear it, be the 7th listener to call 441-Y107 or 800-500-Y107.  Then, give us the specific Taylor Swift lyric we’re looking for, and you WIN!!!

But wait, how will you know what song and what the specific winning lyric is?  

That is another advantage of being a YVIP!  Each morning we’ll send out what the song is, what the lyric is, and a window of time to be listening. 

Not a YVIP?  It’s free to sign up, and takes about a minute to do. Once you’re signed up, you’ll soon start receiving the perks and benefits all our YVIPs receive, including insider tips and hints to win contests like this!

Become a YVIP here today, and get ready to win Taylor Swift tickets starting Monday. Good luck.

Of course, you can always claw your way against all the other swifties trying to buy tickets when they go on sale December 13th.  Here’s the ticket purchase link.


  1. Today’s e-mail was sent out at 7am. We have looked into your account to make sure, and it looks like you did receive it, correct?

  2. I didn’t get the email for today

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