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Loading groceries in a car

Finding Love Might Be As Easy As Driving The Right Car

We’ve all been there. You come out of the store and head to your car, but can’t figure out why the key isn’t working. Soon you realize it’s not your car, although it looks just like it. So how did this situation turn into a modern day love story?

Tiffany and Colin

Back in 2012, Tiffany was coming out of the grocery store in Florida. She pulled out her key fob and unlocked her white Jeep Cherokee from afar.  However, as she got closer, she realized a strange guy was reaching into her car, and she panicked. As she got closer, however, she realized he wasn’t robbing her, he was loading HIS groceries into HER car. Odd.

As she confronted him, he was at first confused, and even protested a bit that she was wrong. She remained polite, even used the key fob again to lock the car and prove her point. He eventually looked over and realized his mistake: HIS white Jeep Cherokee was parked right next to hers. Common mistake.

the jeeps of love

To clear the awkwardness, she said she’d gladly take his groceries if he wanted her too. His reply, “only if you make me dinner.” She was caught off guard, and for some reason, they exchanged numbers. After a couple weeks of texting, she eventually did invite him over and did just that: made him dinner.

What happened next?

And from there, LOVE bloomed. They began dating, he eventually proposed, and a few months ago, they tied the knot.  He goes on to say they still are constantly mixing up their jeeps. 

So skip the bar or digital scene, just go looking for someone who has a similar taste in cars as you. You never know.

See more of their adorable story here.

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