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When to Ship Christmas Presents

While Thanksgiving was JUST last week, and the Christmas season seemingly JUST started, it’s getting close to your deadline for sending gifts in the mail!

I know, that seems pretty crazy, right?

Here are all the deadline times for sending gifts to your siblings/parents/nieces/nephews/anyone who lives far enough away that you can’t hand deliver their gifts, organized by date, so you can contemplate how late you can truly send them!

December 9th:

FedEx (Ground and Freight Delivery)

December 15th

USPS (Ground Service)

FedEx (Ground and home delivery)

December 17th

USPS (First-class mail and packages)

December 18th

USPS (Priority Mail)

December 21st

UPS (3-day select)

FedEx (Express Saver)

December 22nd

UPS (2nda Day Air Services)

FedEx (2Day)

December 23rd

USPS (Priority Mail Express)

UPS (Next-Day Air Services)

December 24th

FedEx (Same Day Services)


Don’t forget that this is not a GUARANTEE, it’s just a suggestion! Last year I sent gifts several places by December 15th and they arrived in January, despite my receipt saying December 22nd.

ALSO don’t forget that the later you go, the more people who will ALSO be trying to send their packages, and the longer you’ll have to wait in line. Basically, the earlier, the better, and the CHEAPER!

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