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What Is The Most Popular Halloween Candy In Missouri?

I bet Missouri’s top candy will surprise you!

This year trick-or-treating may be different for your kids with covid19 concerns. There are some reports that say trick-or-treaters may be down some 20% across the country.

Candy sales skyrocket every year for Halloween with estimates for this year expected to hit $2.4 BILLION with a B! As in BOO!

Every Fall we see CandyStore.com release the top selling candy in each of the 50 United States.

The Top 10 Candies Sold Nationwide Are:

Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups
Hot Tamales
Candy corn
Sour Patch Kids
Hershey Kisses
Jolly Ranchers

#1 In Missouri is the Milky Way with 45,221 lbs sold! In second Cosmo’s favorite candy bar the Almond Joy checking in at 36,782lbs!


What is your favorite Halloween candy?

What do you usually buy every year to hand out to the kids?

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