Wednesday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

Watching the storm last night was mesmerizing and beautiful! It was kind of like watching all these amazing people perform so many acts of good during this crazy time! 

Here are a couple more stories of some incredible people! 

Dairy Products
Shutterstock/Africa Studio

A creamery in Wisconsin created a ‘Kindness Cooler’ for people struggling to make ends meet. The cooler is filled with milk and other dairy products that are completely free. No questions are asked and people can take whatever they need. Watch the cool video here! 


One day a mailman was asked to get one of his elderly customers toilet paper. After that interaction, ‘Mailman Kyle’ wrote letters to all of the ‘at risk’ homeowners on his route asking if they needed anything to reach out. Of the nearly 400 letters he sent, almost everyone asked for some type of assistance. ‘Mailman Kyle’ is asking for nothing in return and just feels good helping out his neighbors. Click here to read more. 

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