Wednesday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

What day of quarantine are we even on? No matter the number, people are still stepping up and doing good in the world!

When Disney World and Disneyland shut down, a lot of people were frustrated but some kids were heartbroken. Especially one little girl in particular. Khloe Sudol was supposed to go to Disney World through the Make a Wish program, but that had to be postponed. So Khloe’s family and friends put on a Disney parade in here front yard. There were princesses, superheroes and SO MANY SMILES.

Shutterstock/ Mayer Vadim

Toys are definitely getting their fair share of use with everyone being home. Quarantine is also pointing out families that don’t have a lot so Toys for Tots wanted to help. They partnered with Good360 to distribute two million toys. Click here to read more.

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