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We want to give you a gift!

Y107 is hosting a gift exchange and you can play too! 

Last week on air we talked about “Secret Sister” because we’ve heard it’s a scam or a pyramid scheme. Whether it is or not, we thought it would be really fun to host a gift exchange with our listeners and the Y107 staff! The entry process is very simple, click here and sign up, then create your wishlist and wait for your Secret Santa! We set the price point at $10 because we want everyone to be able to play but we do ask that you please not sign up if you can’t play and that you let us know if you sign up and then won’t be able to participate (hey stuff happens.)


  1. Gina, we 100% appreciate your heads up and concern. Thank you. This is not a secret sister exchange, but a basic Secret Santa like any office would do. What causes legality issues with “Secret Sister” is the false promise of numerous gifts, based on a pyramid scheme, that is impossible to maintain, as it requires continuous new participants and a lot of information sharing. There is no sharing of names, or lists of names, or false promises of numerous gifts from numerous people. You have one person to buy one gift for, if you’d like to participate, and that is all.

  2. So I’ve heard that these are actually illegal. is the website that I read regarding this. Not sure if it is true or not? Just thought I’d send this in case. Wouldn’t want anyone (including you) to get into trouble.

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