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We Need to Talk…

Because I’m sick of this S*&%

I hate that I even have to say any of this. I don’t want to have to have this conversation. But I’m tired of it. I don’t think I should have to put up with harassment because “this is how men are.”

A couple weeks ago, Cosmo and I were talking about our upcoming punishment poker, Death by Dodgeball, when someone sent the above message to the MORNING SHOW FACEBOOK PAGE. I’ve received nasty messages and comments before to my personal social media accounts, which is absolutely not cool.  But THIS hits different as I’m reading these comments on a professional account at the same time as my male cohost. It’s embarrassing and shameful. I know Cosmo would never judge or blame me for this, but that doesn’t make me more comfortable reading comments about my body in front of him.

My immediate thought was “Wow, sure would be a shame if someone sent this message to his wife, (who is in his profile pic) or to his employers, mother, and sister, all of whom are listed on this man’s page…”

But then I didn’t. I’m not a “take the Low Road” type of gal. This is why his identity is, and will remain, hidden.

Last week, we had our CMN Radiothon to raise money for MU Healthcare’s Children’s Hospital. read that again: IT WAS TO RAISE MONEY FOR SICK KIDS. Someone (who I highly suspect was the same person as the Facebook message) called and said they’d donate $1000 in exchange for nude pictures of me. CALLED A RADIOTHON RAISING MONEY FOR SICK KIDS AND SAID THAT TO A PHONE BANK VOLUNTEER.

Throughout the day, I heard from MULTIPLE women who had experienced similar things in places of employment (mostly from customers/clients and not from coworkers.) In fact, EVERY woman, and some of the men I talked to, had had some type of experience along these same lines. I have no doubt that every, or almost every woman reading this has a similar experience of her own.


I’ve heard a million times that “that’s just how men are.” But why does that mean WE have to put up with it? Why can’t I go to my job and not be harassed? Why do people feel the need to say nasty, pervey things to other people when we’re at our place of employment and can’t really defend ourselves?

Because it’s allowed. That’s why.

I’m absolutely not someone who thinks men are trash. I believe that people, in general, are good. But I also believe it’s WAY too easy for people to dehumanize the woman on the radio, the bartender, the girl behind the counter at Starbucks, the young lady offering fragrance samples at Victoria’s Secret, or any other woman who is there to do a job. If you’ve experienced this yourself, I’m sorry. You don’t deserve it. You don’t have to put up with it.

If you’re one of the people who does this to other people, cut the s*&%. You know better than this, otherwise, you’d do it in person and not when you have the “customer is always right” advantage.

Shame on you.



  1. My situation is a little different. When I was in middle school I had a science teacher that always made me feel uncomfortable. He would walk around during tests and pick up my long hair and fan me. If I was stuck on an answer he would tell me what it was. My classmates didn’t know what to do. He kept me after school one day. Sent me into his storage room to get something. He followed me and locked the door. I started screaming. I got out and ran home. After telling my Dad he went to the school. He tried to talk to this teacher who demanded he sit down so he could tower over him also. My Dad had broken his foot at work so he was in a cast with crutches. The teacher started yelling at my Dad about how could he believe me over him. I ran down the hallway screaming for the principal. The principal sent Dad and me home. Nothing was ever done about this. The teacher was not there the next year but with the laws the way they are I am sure he went on to another school and was able to pick on(or worse) someone else. I developed early. But that was no excuse for this person of authority to try to take advantage of that. I can still see his face and feel him walking behind me every day. I have had a few classmates say they didn’t know what to do and were afraid of getting in trouble for saying anything. We have to stand up for ourselves. When I hear of bullying, etc my heart skips a beat and not in a good way.

  2. Wsy to go, standing up to such a complete utter disrespectful excuse of a human being. You rock and always remember there are so many more good people than ignorant people out there. Thanks for the girl power!

  3. First off, Kudos to you Lauren, I would still be furious about this. He is the prime example, in my eyes, of why we say some men are dogs. What really disgusts me more is the disrespect he’s showing his wife or whoever the female was pictured with him. Men like him need to stop and think, they were born from a woman, how would they like someone saying that to their mother, sisters, or daughters. Again, massive kudos to you cause girl, I would have been cussing like a sailor. Bravo to you Lauren!!

  4. First of all I’m very sorry that you had to go thru that B.S.
    And your right we do have some disgusting people in this world I’ve too had something like this happen to me in the past but I actually had gotten nude volgur pics too. I eventually had to call the police which ended up in calling the FBI and they did their investigation and I don’t know if anything was ever done about it? But it did eventually stop especially with the disgusting nude pics but it’s just shameful to have to go thru that. My mother always said” Karma will come back to them, they’ll eventually reap what they sol”
    So I say to you please keep your head up.


    This really brought tears to my eyes. So sorry you had to go through this Lauren. I love you guys so much and it’s days when I’m going through tough times in my life and I feel that you guys are always there to cheer me up and make me smile. Know that you are loved and a very special kind of person to not retaliate. It takes a strong woman to do that!! Keep your head up!! Your fans are here for you and we love you!!!

  6. Cheryl Carpenter

    Having been in the Army in the 70’s, the harassment was unbelievable. Then as a nurse, again I fell into that category of what type of women that some men felt free to make bedroom jokes about. I had very large breasts and lots of comments were always made. Some men even felt free to touch them! As a result, I got a breast reduction because I just couldn’t take it anymore. Some men are just pigs….. lower than pigs. I’m sorry, Lauren, that you have been the recipient of such crudeness.

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