SNEC Classic cancelled

WalMart Ruins Christmas Cancelling SNES Classic Pre-Orders

Uh-oh. The front runner for the hottest gift for Christmas just hit a major snag. If you dreamed of putting the SNES Classic under the tree this year, and already pre-ordered it from Walmart, you might need to re-think your plans.

So here’s the deal. Due to a “glitch”, a pre-order page was accidentally made active last week when it wasn’t supposed to be. With the drooling anticipation for the SNES Classic , it went viral, and the pre-orders started rolling in, long before the mistake was caught. So technically, the orders shouldn’t be valid anyway. But when you get your hopes up and you get the following letter…  Well, needless to say, people are ticked.

In other words, whether you received the notice or not, if you pre-ordered a SNES Classic from WalMart, it’s been cancelled, or will be very soon.

While it’s bad news for Walmart, it’s also bad for Nintendo, who is struggling with meeting supply demands lately.  Not only was last year’s NES Classic hard to come by, but their Nintendo Switch is also rumored to be running low on stock, which might mean other hopes will be dashed this holiday. Not cool Nintendo.

As to when you WILL be able to pre-order the SNES Classic, we’re not 100% sure.  If you have a friend in the UK, call them up, as those pre-orders have already started.  It officially goes on sale Sept. 29th, and will no doubt be sold out shortly thereafter.

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