Wait…so where do we watch Jordyn Woods’s interview?

So you heard us talk about Jordyn Woods’s upcoming interview regarding the Kardashian Tea Party and may be wondering where you can see it. Jordyn filmed her interview yesterday with Red Table Talk. What the heck is that? Red Table Talk is only on Facebook Watch. In it, Jada Pinkett-Smith, her mom Adrienne, and her daughter Willow bring in special guests to sit at a red table and discuss all kinds of issues. Seriously, ALL kinds of issues. Some of their notable guests to date are Toni Braxton, Wale, Ellen Pompeio, and Justin Baldoni. They released a trailer today showing Jordyn walking to the table and sitting down, ready to dish on all the Tristan Thompson drama. Smith says she’s hoping this can help smooth things over. I already clicked the follow button because I can’t wait to see this!


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