Picture of Cosmo,Carson and Hannah taking the vodka milk challenge

Y107 Staff Does The Vodka and Milk Challenge! [VIDEO]

Have you ever had a moment when you crave something weird? I was sitting at my desk Monday minding my own business when I looked over at my coworker’s desk and noticed vodka. I started to think of random things you should never mix with vodka. Don’t mix it with water, apple juice, and milk. That’s when a brilliant and yet evil idea came across my mind that I should make Cosmo, Carson, and Hannah try New Amsterdam vodka mixed with milk. Of course, I wasn’t going to try it myself! Are you kidding me? Ew… no!

I blindfolded the three of them and made them try this insane mix. I wouldn’t have made them do it had I known what was about to happen! EW! Thank goodness I came up with the brilliant plan, and did not have to do this challenge.  

See what happened!

Instead of milk, what drink would be worst to mix with vodka? 

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