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Want A Vacation But Have No Money? Take A Walk On The Beach!

The pandemic is pretty much in the rearview mirror at this point, so you’re likely starting to think about all the things you COULDN’T do if you were properly following the shelter-in-place orders. One being… travel! Of course, if you are on a tight budget, it’s likely been a pipedream since even BEFORE the pandemic!

Over the weekend, my fiancé and I were looking into resorts for our destination wedding, and we actually had a LOT of fun doing it! We spent literally all day from the moment we woke up on Saturday until going to bed that night (which was early Sunday morning at that point) researching.

When I woke up Sunday I almost felt as if I had been on vacation the day before, looking out at a beautiful ocean, spending time with the sun on my shoulders, my waist in the pool-with-a-view, and a drink in my hand. It was nice and it didn’t even cost us a thing!

The biggest suggestion I have is if you have a smart TV or a streaming device of some sort, cast your computer or tablet onto the television. Watching a video on my phone was cool, but watching it on the 55″ television hanging on the wall gave it another level of immersion.

We really liked this tour of this resort:

This guy is fun, so if you want to tour another resort, stick with this channel.

Another way to just enjoy yourself is to take a walk on the beach! On the map I’ve embedded below, I chose Cancun (since that was what we were looking at this weekend), but you can choose to go wherever your heart desires! Click the button in the top left corner that says “view larger map” and then use the little street image dude to drop him right on the beach! Then just click ahead! A virtual walk on the beach!

Again, I would cast this to a TV so that you can fully immerse yourself in the beauty of the sea on a large 4K HD format! Grab yourself a drink or two, settle in on the couch, and start your walk!

Take a deep breath in. Can’t you almost smell the hot sand and the salty water? Maybe there’s even a hint of chlorine from the resort pool nearby? Yeah, that’s the almost vacation!

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