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Will Victoria’s Secret’s downsizing affect Columbia?

We all know what Victoria’s Secret means….GORGEOUS women and pretty expensive underwear. 

Well it looks like the company is having some problems because the chain just announced they will be closing 53 stores nationwide this year. 

More women are turning their heads to the brand because they do not believe the models represent the “average woman” and the product is overpriced.  Studies have shown that the company has lost over 3.8 million of its customers in two years. 

No word yet on what Victoria’s Secret stores will be closing and if it will affect the one in Columbia. 

While we don’t know if our store will be closing, we have seen some loss in the past few weeks. Our Gap is gone and Payless is soon leaving as more people turn to Amazon for their every day products. 

Do our poor malls even stand a chance????

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