A Veterans Day Surprise

SO many people here in MidMo work for Veterans United, so a big shout out to all of you in today’s Good News.

Today is Veterans Day, and in celebration, Veterans United Home Loans decided to pay off the loans of ten completely unsuspecting Veterans,  in a national campaign to highlight the good work Veterans still do after they come home from service! Comedian and retired US Marine Rob Riggle joined the cause and said quote “These veterans have continued to live the military value of ‘selfless service’ even afer they’ve hung up their uniforms. Teaming up with Veterans United to recognize these incredibal veterans has been an amazing experience.” Recipients included a single widowed mother of three, a Vietnam vet who needed a wheelchair accessible home, and the Veteran in the video below.  All ten recipients are very active in their communities. And the best part, they had no idea. They thought they were just buying a house, and then were given the news that VU paid it off in its entirety! IF that doesn’t give you goosebumps, I don’t know WHAT will!

Check out this video for one of the  many stories that Veterans United helped fund, and I’m going to go ahead and issue a tissue warning, here:


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