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UPDATE: Demi Lovato’s OD likely caused laced drug

It’s thought to have taken the lives of artists like Prince and Lil Peep. Demi Lovato was close to being next in line. Find out what drug she almost OD’d on. 

As more details come to light about the night of Demi’s OD, we’re learning what sources believe was the cause: Oxycodone laced with Fentanyl.

According to TMZ, she had been using them with her drug dealer since April. He had a reputation for buying dirty drugs. The night of the overdose, it’s rumored that he freebased the drugs with her and when she started to become short of breath, he left without telling anyone. 

She posted an open letter on her instagram about the overdose. 

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Hopefully this was the push she needed to finally remain in recovery. 


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