Ugly Sweaters!

We are hosting an ugly sweater Christmas party at the Blue Note and don’t want you to miss it! You get in for free, as long as you are wearing that ugly sweater. Don’t have one? Well no worries you can buy them everywhere! Here is a list of some of the best ugly sweaters to get this year.

A sweater with a functional stocking pocket that lets you hold things near and dear to your heart.

A sweater with Stormtroopers firing Christmas cheer lasers out of candy-cane guns.

A Fair Isle knit that beautifully illustrates the origins of this sacred holiday.

A "Wrecking Ball"-inspired Christmas sweater. The holidays are no excuse not to bemoan your breakup with Liam Hemsworth in sexual, unhygienic ways.

Seriously, these are just a few check out the rest now

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