Tuesday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

When the sun is shining it’s definitely easier to have a smile on your face! 

Let’s find some more joy in these stories! 

Piggy Bank
Shutterstock/Billion Photos

You are never too young to give back! A 6-year-old girl wanted to give all of her $14.70 piggy bank savings to her local hospital. She also wrote a letter to all of the healthcare heroes working on the front lines. Her donation inspired one hospital to start a “piggy bank” campaign which has raised over $60,000 in two weeks! Click here to see the adorable video!

Newborn Baby

Giving birth when you’re healthy is already scary, but giving birth while you’re sick with the coronavirus is downright terrifying! A 27-year-old pregnant woman went to the hospital with coronavirus symptoms and when she was diagnosed with the virus she had to be placed on a ventilator. Her conditioned continued to worsen and she had to be sedated. When her lung collapsed, the hospital had no other choice but deliver the baby. After a successful delivery, the new mom began to slowly recover from the virus.  Now, she has completely recovered and has a perfectly healthy baby! Click here to see more of their story.

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