Tuesday’s Daily Dose of Happiness

Spring has officially sprung! The birds are chirping and the flowers are blooming! 

The weather has brought a smile to my face, here are a few more stories to bring some joy! 

Bucket truck

A son hasn’t been able to see his mom due to the coronavirus restrictions. He was really missing her so he decided to visit her without breaking any rules. He had access to a bucket truck and used that to get to his mom on the third floor of her assisted living facility. Click here to watch the adorable video.


A neighborhood is coming together to help those with weakened immune systems. In Knoxville a ‘Kindness Committee’ was created to run errands for those at greater risk of the coronavirus. Click here to read more.

A BONUS FEEL GOOD STORY! In case you didn’t hear, Cosmo got a new puppy and has finally chosen a name! Meet Lord Stanley Richard! We can’t wait to watch him grow up!

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