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Truly Just Released an Ice Cream Game Changer

Summer is officially here which means ice cream around the clock!

Spice things up with this new Tipsy Scoops Truly-infused ice cream! It’s ice cream with an edge!

The adult approved treat is infused with one of Truly’s four spiked lemonade seltzer flavors. Choose between original, mango, blackberry, strawberry…..OR CHOOSE THEM ALL!

While the ice cream brand is based out of New York, you can order online and they come in a variety pack!!!

However, they are a little pricey. If you aren’t willing to drop $50 on ice cream from New York you can easily make this concoction at home.

Simply grab your favorite alcoholic seltzer and lightly blend with ice cream or Italian ice. A little goes a long way, so make sure you start off by adding only a bit!

I can’t wait to see your summer ice cream masterpieces!!

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