Girl Scout Troop of the Week: Troop 71938- 2/7-2/11


They’re from RIGHT here in Columbia, and have a pretty lofty goal of 2,250 boxes as a troop, but each girl has their own individual goals! The girls have some fun things planned, but they also want to be more active in our community and have expressed interest in helping children and the homeless!

Can you help them out?

Buy Cookies from Troop 71938

If you need help on what to order, the troop’s got you! Here are all the girls’ favorite cookies:

Presley- Lemonades
Maeve – Adventurefuls
MaryAnne – Adventurefuls
Hattie Jo – Adventurefuls
Alex – Adventurefuls
Avanelle – Thin Mint
Kaylinn – Caramel DeLites
Rachael – Peanut Butter Patties
Sophia – Adventurefuls

Adventurefuls, if you didn’t know, are the BRAND NEW cookie. It’s Brownie INSPIRED (it still has that cookie crunch, though) and it’s topped with caramel and sea salt!


If YOU are wondering how your Girl Scout troop can be the Troop of the Week, submit them HERE!

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