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Top 7 Most Annoying Things Holiday Guests Can Do

It’s the holidays, meaning visits with loved ones, and houseguests. Oh, the houseguest joys. What do you think the MOST annoying thing a house guest can do?

Here are what we think are the Top 7 worst of the worst.

Here is our list of the Top 7 WORST things a holiday house guest can do:


7. Being loud or obnoxious. Don’t you just LOVE those who get up way early and wake everyone else up? Yeah, us neither.


6.Snoopers! Stay the heck out of my medicine cabinet and closet.



5. Break or damage my stuff. It’s usually when they bring the kids or pets. And then they hide it or blame someone else. Seriously, at least apologize. 


4. Eat and drink all my food.  Keyword, MY.



3. Park their car(s) in your spot(s). It’s MY DRIVEWAY!!!


2. Leave a mess behind when they take off. No worries. I’ve got it. Not like I’ve got anything else to do.


1. And the WORST thing a guest can do: Show up unannounced or uninvited! I love you. I really do.  Just not right now. 



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