Top 5 Weirdest Halloween Costumes of 2020

2020 has been a WEIRD year and these Halloween costumes definitely fit the theme.

If you’re wanting a head turning costume this year, these are it!

  1. Mike Pence Fly Wig: It’s the most popular fly in the world! After the VP debate, costume makers were quick to create this wig. Now it’s quickly becoming the most popular costume of the year!
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    2. Joe Exotic and Carol Baskin: It’s the duo that helped all of us through quarantine. And now they’re here to help us through Halloween! Who’s dressing up like this dynamic duo?

    3. Bread Maker: One of the most popular past times during quarantine was to make bread, so why not honor that with a costume?!

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    4. Head to Toe Tie-Dye: Another hobby that became extremely popular this year was tie-dye. So why not dress up in what you already have? Just go a little extreme!

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    5. Zoom Call: It’s a company we never heard of until 2020 and now it’s our best friend. If your plans for Halloween consist of sitting on the couch, this is the perfect costume!

    Photo courtesy of The Star.

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