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Top 5 things that rock about Little Dixie Regional Library

You mean it’s more than just books?

I am a longtime believer that public libraries are the most important resource in every community in which they’re found. They provide vital resources that can’t usually be found anywhere else. The Social Worker in me could go on and on about the benefits of public libraries but that’s a separate post entirely.

Instead, let’s talk about what makes Little Dixie Regional Library absolutely kick butt! Here are the top 5 best things about LDRL

5.Books. Duh.

I mean this one doesn’t have to be said but I’m saying it anyway. Yes, every library has books. Yes, you can check them out for free. Yes, that’s pretty cool. But what if looking at all those rows and rows of books is overwhelming? That’s where the library staff comes in. They are ridiculously knowledgeable of ALL the books and are so great at making recommendations!

4. Dial-a-story

I’m sure that every parent across America right now has noticed that their kids have had a little extra screentime in the past few months (hey, no shame!) But there’s a way your kids can play on the phone that might actually be beneficial! Dial-a-story let’s you dial a number, pick a story, and listen! The books change every single month and it’s completely free. You can call 50 times a day or once a month. Listen to the same story each time or go in a rotation. Either way, still free! For the month of October they even let me read a story! I read Hoot Owl: Master of Disguise. You can find it at 573-353-6699

3.The Healing Library

SUCH an amazing resource! Let’s face it, some things aren’t easy to talk about. Some things aren’t easy to process even if you don’t have to talk about them. The Healing Library is a collection of kits including discussion questions, activities, and community resources. some of the topics the kits tackle are death, divorce, incarceration, and abuse. Everything is packed into one bag and your library card lets you check out the whole bag at once.

2. Online databases

Some of these you have to access while you’re in the library but for some, you can even use them right from your own home! The genealogy database is amazing and usually very expensive, but free through LDRL. anything and everything you could ever want to learn about can be found in these databases. From travel to government, health to business, you can even learn a new language!


I saved this one for last because it’s my favorite. We all love subscription boxes, right? FabFitFun, Lootcrate, Ipsy. They get really expensive really fast and you end up with a lot of stuff you’ll never use, tat takes up space, and that you’ll throw away 5 years from now untouched. So sign up for the book box. First of all, it’s free! And it’s completely customized to what you like. You fill out a questionnaire about what kid of books and authors you like and the library staff will select a whole box full of books just for you. You read them, and send em back to get new ones next month! I love the surprise of seeing what’s new in my box each month!


What are your favorite things about your local library? Have you been to LDRL yet? Stop in at one of their locations in Moberly, Huntsville, Madison, or Paris or check out their website here. You’re gonna love it!

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