Top 5 Drinks That Don’t Exist Anymore

Over the years we’ve had some amazing beverage choices. Some of them didn’t stick around though. In fact a lot of them just seemed to disappear. Here’s our list for the Top 5 Drinks That Don’t Exist Anymore.

#5 Orbitz 

What were those little balls floating around in Orbitz? No one really knows. All we know is, is that they were called gellan gum and they were like little bits of tasty clouds floating in our drink. Orbitz hit shelves in the late ’90s but quickly disappeared. It came out in a few different fruit flavors and every once and a while you can still find a bottle of it on eBay.

#4 Sprite Remix 

Sprite Remix is easily one of the greatest things to be invented in the early 2000’s. Back in 2003 supplies of Sprite Remix ware ample and all were able to partake in its carbonated fruity deliciousness. Those days didn’t last. Sprite Remix quickly began disappearing from gas stations and grocery store shelves before it was completely discontinued in 2007.

#3 Fruitopia 

Yes, Fruitopia isn’t completely gone but if you want to get a bottle you’ll have to go to Canada or Australia. Totally worth the the trip though. Fruitopia began a draw down in the states around 2003 because of poor sales. Since then it can only be found in a few states. We miss you Fruitopia, please come home.

#2 Crystal Pepsi 

So in reality Crystal Pepsi wasn’t that amazing but we still miss it. It probably has something to do with the amazing commercials that Crystal Pepsi gave us.

#1 Surge 

Surge should be brought back. That’s all there is to it. It is hands down one of the greatest sodas to ever be created. Sure it gave us heart palpitations but it was totally worth it. There’s even a website dedicated to bringing back the product,


(originally published 2/6/14)


  1. Here’s the petition to bring Fruitopia back it only needs a few more hundred I think y’all sign this pleaseeeeeee I need them to bring it back

  2. McDonald’s has Starwberry Passion Awareness Fruitopia

  3. I just bought a Crystal Pepsi two months ago from Dollar General here in Houston Tx…. The Sprite Tropical tastes a little like Sprite Remix…

  4. Paula K. MaJette

    I’ve been trying to find Fruitopia Tropical Punch for awhile now. My son loved it when he was a kid. Every once in awhile he talks about his favorite drink. I’d like to surprise him with some but I can’t seem to find how to get it.

  5. If you put skittles in a Sprite you’ll get a Sprite Remix

  6. Thanks for the clarification. You’re clearly a loyal fan.

  7. Christopher Bannister

    Surge is not back. Its a very different formula from the original which was even confirmed by the company itself. It hasn’t returned and they’ve confirmed they will never release the original formula again.

  8. Not sure how Christan. Good luck!

  9. Does anyone know how i could possible start a bring back fruitopia website? Because since school age…. i wake up craving for that drink. I remember one day when they removed the vending machince from my school. I felt like someone burned my house down. I was so confused. Its all i drank. An i didnt deserve that abuse.

  10. We knew Crystal Pepsi and Surge made comebacks, but Sprite Remix… LUCKY!!!

  11. We have crystal pepsi, surge, and sprite remix here in kansas city.

  12. Rusty Shackleford

    As a proud homosexual American, I can definitely say I miss Fruitopia. Give me fond memories of days past

  13. Crystal Pepsi is back and surge!

  14. You’re totally right. Funny thing is, the blog was written in early 2014. A couple months later, coke made the announcement they were bringing it back. Weird how this article is still floating around out there.

  15. Surge still exists! I’ve seen it in the Midwest.

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