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Celeb Photo Has The World Confused

Forget “the dress” or the horseshoe and boots math problem, this new photo is causing quite a firestorm. Take a look at the picture a woman recently snapped of her son with a celebrity. But who is the celeb? Is it Tom Hanks? Or is it Bill Murray.  It’s obviously…oh wait.  Wow, a lot harder than you thought, huh?

The picture was taken back in 2013, and posted to the Facebook Group: Reasons My Son Is Crying. In the post, she clearly states who the celebrity is, but for some reason, there’s plenty of skeptics thinking she’s confused.

Being that it’s taken on a golf course in Scotland, our assumption is she’s right. However, we totally see the other too.  Who do you think it is?

Answer is…


[VIA Consequence of Sound]

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