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These Mean Tweets Directed at Tom Brady are Pretty Funny

“Tom Brady you suck booty…you ugly…you suck…you throw like a fat lady with a flabby arm and a little girl… but face #TomBrady #suck.”

I mean, this is Chiefs country so we kind of want Tom Brady to suck this weekend, but he doesn’t have six Super Bowl rings for nothing. It’s not going to be an easy ride for the Chiefs defense.

Jimmy Kimmel had Tom Brady on his show for the recurring Mean Tweets segment, where celebrities are recorded reading mean tweets about them out loud for the camera and reacting to them. And with a lot of wins racked up comes a whole lot of mean tweets. Whether you agree with the tweets or not, this video is pretty funny!

Okay, that one about the dog though… I’m not a Tom Brady fan by any means, but why you gotta bring the DOG into this?? It’s innocent!

Whether you agree with the tweets or not, at least we can all have a laugh before Patrick Mahomes takes away Brady’s chance at a seventh ring!


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