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TikTok is Tightening Security for its Younger Users

TikTok has wildly grown in popularity in the last few years! In just over 4 years since it launched it has over 800 MILLION active users. With more people joining the app every day, and a huge demographic of younger users, TikTok thought it had a responsibility to put more restrictions on accounts for users aged 13-15.

These young users will now have their privacy settings defaulted to “private,” meaning that the user has to approve a follower before that follower can see any content the user posts. Teens do have the option to change this setting, though. The new settings will also restrict direct messaging and the younger users will not be allowed to host live streams. No followers can download content recorded by the young teenagers.

Do you think these new restrictions are appropriate? Do you think the ages are right, or should older teenagers be restricted, too? Let us know in the comments!

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