Throwback throwdown cover photo of Cosmo and Lauren back to back in a boxing ring

Y107’s Throwback Throwdown

Forget just Throwback Thursdays. Cosmo and the Y107 Morning Show are upping the stakes with the Throwback Throwdown!  Each Thursday, they’ll give you the chance to compete against either Cosmo or Lauren for the chance of winning an Autographed, Limited Edition piece of exclusive Throwback Throwdown merch.

How does it work?

First step is to get registered below. Then brush up on your knowledge of Throwback tunes, as in pop songs from the mid 90’s to 2010.  Of course, you can make life easier by checking out the Throwback Lunch each afternoon.

Each Thursday, we’ll call someone from the database for the Throwdown, and play a throwback song clip for you and either Lauren or Cosmo.  You’ll just have to chime in with artist and title quicker than us. Best 3 out of 5 wins the Throwdown.

So what are you waiting for? Get registered below and get ready for the call to the Throwback Throwdown ring!

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  1. Aw thank you so much! We really appreciate you listening more than you even know!

  2. my favorite radio station and favorite morning show

  3. Best morning show

  4. That is awesome to hear Erika! Thanks for taking us with you and being a fan!

  5. I had to download the app so I can listen all the time and I do listen at least 3 times a day anywhere from 1-6 hours a day. Love the Y107 radio station.

  6. hi carson my name is crystal lavonne Brandon im a new member of y 107 7 fm vipckub,.I am a big fan of y107 7fm I really would like too meet u carson and ryan seacrest in person,.you guys are awesome dj and I wish y 107 7fm a very merry Christmas today on December 25,2019,.

  7. Thanks Jessie!

  8. By far my favorite morning show in our area!

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