Throwback Lunch

Mon-Fri: 12:00pm - 1:00pm

Each weekday at noon, Ryan Seacrest steps aside and lets you take over as we go back in time for the Throwback Lunch. Old School Hip-Hop? YEP! 00's rap? Oh yeah! 90'-00'a alt rock? Why not? And of course, the boy bands and many more pop tracks from the mid 90's to songs that are about a decade old.

Better yet, you have full control of the playlist. Click on the right side of, search for your favorite throwback, and vote it up to the top, as YOU are in full control of the playlist. And the best part, it's non-stop for the first 40 min or so!

Throwing it back to when you were living a very different life. NOSTALGIA! 

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  1. Zombie. By the Cranberry

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