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“This Is Us” Big Reveal

If you’re as big of a fan of “This Is Us” as we are, prepare to have your mind blown.  And no, it’s not a spoiler.  

One of the major story lines on the show is the romance between Kate and Toby, who found love over their joint struggle to lose weight.  There were even some major waves when it was revealed that the actress who plays Kate, Chrissy Metz, was being asked to lose weight for the show. However, no one mentioned anything about actor Chris Sullivan, who plays Toby. Typical Hollywood double standard? Nope.

Chris Sullivan wears a fat suit for the part.  I’ll let that one sink in for a moment.

Oh my goodness, Toby, from 'This is Us' wears a "fat suit" and prosthetic jowls. Mind officially blown. That's the real Toby pictured below! What the what?! #thisisusWho else loves this show?!

Posted by Tamara Holloway on Saturday, February 4, 2017

It was all revealed officially to “US Weekly” about a month ago, but went unnoticed until this week when the above post exploded virally.  And it’s not like Chris has been hiding it exactly.

He’s done the red carpets and all the press.  Maybe the crazy style made him unrecognizable.

Do you feel cheated by the show? Although honestly, does it even matter? Just keep the episodes coming. SO GOOD!!!

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