A picture of a bride.

This BRIDEZILLA needs a chill pill!

Have you had to deal with a bridezilla?

It can be overwhelming to plan a wedding. You want ALL the details to be right. But this bridezilla, in my opinion, is going a little far. She wants all of her brides to have matching EYE COLOR so they don’t clash with their dresses. WHAT!?  She’s asking all of her bridesmaids to wear colored eye contacts so they all match. Ok… this girl has taken Bridezilla to a whole new level. 

Picture of a bride asking her bridesmaids to wear colored eye contacts.

I personally think she is making her bridesmaids do this so that she can be the only blue-eyed girl. What’s next? Do you have everyone attending the wedding changing their eye color too? Nobody will be paying enough attention to make sure peoples eyes don’t clash with the dresses. This is a little outrageous. 


Would you change your eye color to make a bride happy?




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