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Still of birdlady from The Weeknd Call Out My Name video

The Weeknd Drops Video for Dis Track “Call Out My Name”

A couple of weeks ago, The Weeknd suddenly dropped a 6 song EP, “My Dear Melancholy”, after a quick tease.  It instantly created headlines, as one of the tracks, “Call Out My Name“, was interpreted as a diss track.

“We found each other. I helped you out of a broken place… I said I didn’t feel nothing baby, but I lied. I almost cut a piece of myself for your life. Guess I was just another pit stop ’til you made up your mind.” ~ The Weeknd “Call Out My Name” lyrics

Hard to believe it isn’t a direct reference to Selena, going through the “broken place” of her split with Justin, followed by the reference to her life-saving kidney transplant (“cut a piece of myself for your life”), closing with Selena going back to Justin, as the Weeknd was just a “pit stop”.  

So when we heard the video was dropping, we figured it would put a visual to tie in the diss references. 

Unfortunately, the weird bird woman is the only thing we get as the “subject”. Selena look alike? Not so much. You can sure feel his emotion throughout the video though, and we’d expect nothing less from him.

After “My Dear Melancholy” shot to the top of the charts, the next thing for the soulful star is an appearance at Coachella TONIGHT, which will be streamed on Youtube, also available in VR. See the full Coachella schedule here, which will include Cardi B each weekend, Eminem, and the “year in the making” Beyonce performance which should be EPIC!


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