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The THREE BEST stocking stuffer ideas for 2019

Who has done their Christmas shopping yet? I haven’t even started mine and I am officially beginning to freak out. 

So lets start small….what are we going to fill stockings with? Here are the best ideas to make this Christmas epic! 

  1. Hidden Valley Ranch-Filled Stocking: Forget little trinkets in stockings this year! Just cover all the bases with the ranch filled stocking! It has 52 ounces of deliciousness and has an easy pore spout for a gift that keeps on giving!

  2. Custom socks featuring your pet: If you love your pet, you won’t need anything else in your stocking this year!!! These are the cutest socks you will ever own!

    3. Oreo Spoon: After opening presents you have to polish off the cookies that Santa didn’t finish. But sometimes they fall into your milk and they get too soggy and are ruined. Luckily, with this spoon you will never have to worry about that again!


    I will take one of each please!

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