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The Reason This TikToker is Travelling Might Make You Cry…

Too pure for words

Seriously, if this isn’t already the plot for a Hallmark movie, it should be. Sarah Ingala, a TikToker brought a camper van an is travelling all around the country with her two French Bulldogs, Henry and Penny,so that they can see the sights. Her dogs are both getting a little older and she’s thinking of the end of their lives.

“I just really wanted to experience everything with Henry and Penny,” Ingala told Insider, “to take them to different places, have them meet different people, smell all the smells that they can get, and enjoy every minute of life instead of just sitting at home during a pandemic.”

Sarah herself went through cancer a while back and she says that her dogs were  A HUGE source of comfort during her treatments. What good babies!! You can read more about Sarah and see her cute puppos here.

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