The Holiday Gift of Family Surprise!

For three years, Y107 has been blessed with the opportunity to work with Missouri Fertility to give HOPE! Our goal each year is to not just give one lucky couple the chance at a family they’ve always wanted, but to also provide support for so many struggling with infertility that they are not alone.

As it’s the holiday season, this year it was the perfect chance to go even bigger. And so we did.

We’re not sure if you were listening this morning, but we invited Chloe and Albert from California, MO and Pam and Brad from Jefferson City into the studio as “finalists”.  Each shared their powerful stories with Mid-MO.  We’re sure MANY were inspired. Here’s Pam and Brad’s story.

But the real surprise was delivered by Dr. SANTA Wilshire, announcing this year, BOTH couples will win!  And not just the free IVF, but genetic testing for FREE, increasing the chances for success!   We were all blown away! And of course, we brought in our previous winners, Jess, Linda, and Kim to welcome our new couples into the family.  It was amazing!

Thanks to ALL who shared their stories. You are ALL deserving. Don’t give up hope!

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