Champagne Cheers at Wedding Celebration
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The BEST Best Man Speech Ever

We’ve all been to those weddings where the speeches are too rambley, with no point, referencing inside jokes that only the bride or groom get, and you just can’t stop thinking about how this person should just SHUT UP so you can EAT already!

This…. is not that.

Sam Waldron was the best man for his older brother, Jonah Waldron’s, wedding. He made everyone laugh, cry, and even earned a standing ovation at the end!

Sam started out the speech saying that he was TERRIFIED. “You see, I have autism,” he said. “My autism can make me terribly scared to interact with people, let alone give a speech in front of 170 of them, for pete’s sake!”

Sam said Jonah was his best friend, and his hero, and that his brother taught him that “being different is a real strength, not a weakness.”

Sam was diagnosed with autism at age 7, and felt REALLY uncomfortable in social situations. Jonah became his care worker, helping him practice social situations in public settings. This inspired Jonah to become a special needs teacher, to help other kids like his brother Sam.

The video went viral with millions of views and counting! Check it out below!


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