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The 5 best movies to watch on Netflix

Netflix is about to get a whole lot of love from all of us working from home. 

And I’m sure I’m not the only one that scrolls the streaming service mindlessly and then just winds up watching The Office again for the millionth time. 

So in order to save your thumbs from the continuous scroll, here are some really fun movies for you to watch while you pass the time on the couch. 

  1. Spenser Confidential: A perfect action meets comedy movie! It keeps you in suspense, has a cute dog and POST MALONE!

  2. A Bad Mom’s Christmas: Ok, so it’s not Christmas but we could all use a little holiday cheer right about now. And this movie is HYSTERICAL! You’ll forget all about what’s going on in the world when watching this.

  3. Hitch: Will Smith can make any day better. And this is one of my favorites! A perfect movie to watch at the end of the day, ending it on a high night. 

  4. National Treasure: WHAT. A. CLASSIC. I didn’t even realize this was on Netflix until I started scrolling and now I might watch this 100 times.

  5. 47 Meters Down: I don’t know about you, but when I’m quarantined, I like to watch shark movies. And this one is great and not too cheesy! Plus Mandy Moore is in it!

We will all get through this, but until it dies down…sit back, relax and enjoy some Netflix!  What’s your top 5?

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